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Australia's first venture studio and partner dedicated to generative AI
Cut through the AI hype with experts who deliver, not just promise. From foundational training to full-scale development, we're your co-pilots in the journey of transformation.

Welcome to Hyperthink, where we turn the promise of cutting edge AI including generative AI into practical, impactful solutions. Our mission is to drive meaningful innovation that aligns with your strategic goals and operational needs


Our Innovation as a Service


Unlocking Potential:
Our foundational services focus on opening up the possibilities of generative AI through training, strategy workshops, and enablement.

Foundations for Driving Value:
We help you build the necessary groundwork to commercialise emerging technologies effectively.


Design Thinking in Action:
Apply our in-house design thinking processes and capability frameworks for AI to grow initial use cases and develop high-fidelity prototypes.

Learning by Doing:
Experience just-in-time learning by tackling live problems, not theoretical projects with us by your side.


Scaling Innovation:
Push the boundaries of innovation within your organisation, building a sustainable flywheel of change with us to support you every step of the way.

Custom Development:
Integrate and scale AI solutions in production at a pace that fits your needs, ensuring seamless adoption.


Our Research Projects

“It was a water turning to wine moment - one which solidifies your belief... doing something in hours that took me over a month”
Workshop Attendee
Head of Product - Financial Organisation
“Got a great deal of value from the workshops from validating my thinking... Made me completely rethink product management in the world of AI”
Workshop Attendee
Head of Product - Global Martech
“Kudos on a great day, I was over the moon about it all and was buzzing about it with my family and friends the rest of the weekend”
Training Attendee
Senior Manager

We are humbled to be partnering with the best-in-class technologies to enable innovation as well as support from the largest organisations for our public AI and innovation training workshops.

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